Rolling Hills and Fall Colors

Fall is our favorite time of the year!  The temperature falls to acceptable levels, the air is crisp and clear, it's not raining all the time like spring, and the colors that come out to paint the landscapes are gorgeous!

This year is particularly special.  With all of us cooped up by Covid-19 for so long, it's nice to get out and just go leaf-peeping.  That's what they call it in the northeast.  Kristina and I just call it ROAD TRIP!  We've logged about 600 miles over the last few weekends through western Pennsylvania and West Virginia.  I made this image south of Johnstown, PA on some side road in the middle of nowhere.  Turned a corner and this vista just opened up!

When you first make a picture like this, the image that you see and the image that your camera captures are two very different things.  Your eye can sense about 30 stops of light due to the fact that your eye and brain adjust to different brightness levels throughout the scene as you scan it.  By contrast, your camera can only perceive about 10 stops or so.  Each stop is a doubling of the brightness level of the light.  Also, the colors are always muted somewhat by the camera.  This is what makes post-processing of our images so important!

The first step in post-processing for this image was to tone down the sky a bit.  Exposing for the foliage tends to make the sky too bright and you are unable to see the detail in the clouds.  On the other end of the brightness spectrum, the camera sees the shadows as nearly black, so I also adjusted the shadows to allow for detail that your eye sees.  Lastly, I increased the color saturation to look like what I remembered seeing. That's about it.  Not a ton of processing but the difference is night and day!

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Have a great day and stay safe and healthy!

Scott & Kristina